Use the RETRY_FAILED_QUERIES query option to control whether or not queries are transparently retried on cluster membership changes.

Cluster membership changes typically occur when an impalad crashes, or if the node is blacklisted by the Impala Coordinator. If a SELECT query fails due to a cluster membership change, the Coordinator will cancel and unregister the running query and then launch a retry of the query. For example, if one of the executor nodes fails during query execution, the query fails but is transparently re-executed, either with the executor node immediately replaced, or with a temporarily reduced number of executor nodes. This feature supports retrying the entire query and NOT the individual query fragments. INSERT and DDL queries will NOT be retried.

Note that query retry will be skipped if the query has returned any results to the client. To avoid this, enable Result Spooling and set the spool_all_results_for_retries query option.


Default: TRUE

Added in: Impala 4.0

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