Use the MAX_MEM_ESTIMATE_FOR_ADMISSION query option to set an upper limit on the memory estimates of a query as a workaround for over-estimates precluding a query from being admitted.

The query option takes effect when all of the below conditions are met:

  • Memory-based admission control is enabled for the pool.
  • The MEM_LIMIT query option is not set at the query, session, resource pool, or global level.

When the above conditions are met, MIN(MAX_MEM_ESTIMATE_FOR_ADMISSION, mem_estimate) is used for admission control.

Setting the MEM_LIMIT query option is usually a better option. Use the MAX_MEM_ESTIMATE_FOR_ADMISSION query option when it is not feasible to set MEM_LIMIT for each individual query.

Type: integer


Added in: Impala 3.1

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