RESOURCE_TRACE_RATIO Query Option (Impala 3.2 or higher only)

The RESOURCE_TRACE_RATIO query option specifies the ratio of queries where the CPU usage info will be included in the profiles. Collecting CPU usage and sending it around adds a slight overhead during query execution. This query option lets you control whether to collect additional information to diagnose the resource usage.

For example, setting RESOURCE_TRACE_RATIO=1 adds a trace of the CPU usage to the profile of each query.

Setting RESOURCE_TRACE_RATIO=0.5 means that randomly selected half of all queries will have that information collected by the coordinator and included in the profiles.

Setting RESOURCE_TRACE_RATIO=0 means that CPU usage will not be tracked and included in the profiles.

Values from 0 to 1 are allowed.

Type: Number

Default: 0

Added in: Impala 3.2